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BluePro Anti-Snoring Appliance

BluePro Anti-Snoring Appliance

BluePro Anti-Snoring Appliance

Anti-Snoring Appliance

First-step professional appliance for snorers, mild apnoeics and CPAP intolerant patients

Save time and reduce cost
Cost-efficient, retentive, titratable appliance fitted chair-side by a dentist
Custom-fitted chair-side within minutesFewer patient visits, no dental impressions or lab production requiredCombines strong and consistent retention1 with simple self-adjustment for comfort and compliance

BluePro is worn in the mouth during sleep to hold the lower jaw forward and open the airway to improve airflow and reduce symptoms of snoring and sleep apnoea

Pre-fabricated, adjustable, thermoplastic mandibular advancement device (PAT-MAD)

Immediate chair-side fitting by a dentist

Immediate custom-fitting by qualified health professional e.g. dentist, stomatologist, maxillofacial surgeon, ENT. Adaptable to most arch shapes.

Immerse in boiling waterDirect impressionsSmoothing and finishingAssembly and adjustment
Simple adjustment

Simple adjustment

Lower jaw position can be fine-tuned in 1mm increments then locked with an unobtrusive re-adjustable mechanism


Strong oral retention

Strong and consistent oral retention, an essential requirement for efficacy, has been demonstrated in mechanical tests (equivalent to 1 years use)1

1 In vitro retention of a new thermoplastic titratable mandibular advancement device Braem M. F1000 Research 2015, 4:56

Clinically effective

Clinically effective

Clinically effective

57% reduction in apnoea-hypopnoea index shown in patients with mild to severe OSAHS2

2 Pilot Study of a New Adjustable Thermoplastic Mandibular Advancement Device for the Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea-Hypopnoea Syndrome: A Brief Research Letter. El Ibrahimi, M. The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal, 2016, 10, 46-50
Place in  Therapy

Place in Therapy

BluePro benefits 5 patient groups: