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Deluxe IPR Kit with Handpiece

Deluxe IPR Kit with Handpiece

Order No: 9001-5DKIT1

Especially designed for a cost-effective and user-oriented treatment.

IPR Stripping Bur Kit with handpiece consists of the following:

* Reciprocating handpiece
* Strip Stand (5 holes) - for easy storage / autoclaving
* Thickness gauge - (set of 6)
* Removal tool
* Contact point - Saw file
* Manual file handle
* Strips -
1 x 0.08 mm - For Pre-Polishing, 15 Micron (Can be ordered individually O/No: 9001-004015L)
1 x 0.12 mm - For Finishing, 25 Micron (Can be ordered individually O/No: 9001-003025H)
1 x 0.15 mm - For Contouring, 40 Micron (Can be ordered individually O/No: 9001-003040H)
1 x 0.19 mm - For Reduction, 60 Micron (Can be ordered individually O/No: 9001-003060H)
1 x 0.29 mm - For use as a saw for opening contacts, 90 Micron (Can be ordered individually O/No: 9001-003090H)

EVA Handpiece

For Interproximal Reduction

* Rotary instruments - Stroke 1.2mm
* Transmission / Reduction - 4:1

* Removal of excess materials
* Pre-polishing
* Buffing in the interdental and sub-gingival areas
* Maximum rotational speed - 20,000 rpm

Kit available without Handpiece use code 9001-5DKIT2

Price: 445.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)