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Evaluating Effective Orthodontic Care Book

Evaluating Effective Orthodontic Care Book

Order No: 8222-059

Sold individually.
Professor Stephen Richmond
The purpose of this book is to update and pull together connected pieces of work related to evaluating the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. The intention is to produce a simple instruction on the various assessments that can be used to evaluate effectiveness of orthodontic care. The sections are organised so that they are short and easy to read.
* Orthodontists’ Opinions and Perspectives
* Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need
* The PAR Index
* The Index of Complexity, Outcome and Need (ICON)
* Costing Orthodontic Care and Measuring * Cost-effectiveness
* Assessing Crown Inclinations and Angulations
* Evaluating Facial Changes
* Calibration Analyses for orthodontic Indices
* Appendix: Occlusal Index Course Management

Price: 23.85