PAR Index Rulers - Pack of 100*

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The Peer Assessment Rating Index was developed as a result of the Report of the Occlusal Index Committee, which was itself established in 1986 as a direct result of the recommendations of the Schanshieff Report.
The PAR Index was constructed initially with the help of the British Orthodontic Standards Working Party, and was subsequently validated by weighting the constituent components to conform with the collective opinions of 74 clinicians (Specialists, Consultants, GDPs, Community Dentists).
The PAR Index measures the degree of departure which the occlusion of a set of study models has from the ideal. Hence it can be used to measure treatment change by calculating the difference between the scores obtained from
pre- and post treatment models.
The index is the summation of several different components which make up malocclusion.
Crowding or spacing is assessed in each arch in terms of contact point displacements.
Labial occlusion is scored similarly in terms of antero-posterior, transverse and vertical discrepancy (overbite, overjet, centrelines).
The weighted version of the PAR Index results from the opinions of the 74 clinicians. There are only 7 components which are scored: labial irregularity (upper and lower), buccal occlusion (left and right), overjet, overbite, centreline.
The PAR Ruler has been designed to make measurement easier. The information briefly summarises the recording features of the index and facilitates quick assessments in relation to the seven components.

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