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Air Rotor Stripping


The STARS series of burs has been developed to assure the precision reduction of interproximal enamel while drastically reducing the possibility of excessive bur-induced grooves. The STARS burs are specifically designed for air-rotor stripping. For quality, precision and durability, the STARS series are the finest on the market. There is no comparable product. Dr Jack Sheridan, originator of the Air-rotor Stripping Technique, has tested and endorsed the STARS series of burs. He states, "The development of a series of safe-tipped air-rotor stripping burs is an additional assurance that physiologically acceptable proximal walls can be obtained during the air-rotor stripping procedure without the danger of inadvertently damaging enamel surfaces. I strongly recommend their use".
Raintree Essix Air-Rotor Stripping burs consist of:
1. Anterior stripping burs (9001-55000)
2. Posterior stripping burs (9001-699ST)
3. Finishing burs (9001-5MDST, 9001-5FDST and 9001-5EDST)