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Thank you for visiting our site. If you are an orthodontic patient please use our www.orthoshop.co.uk website, We are unable to honour any orders placed by members of the public on this website

News & Events

Product Update and Special Offers - We’re here to help!

For our latest Special Offers please Call us on 01274 533233

Special Offers or great pricing on the following products:
SpaceFile Interproximal Red
StripFIX & IPR Starter kit
STARS - Air Rotor Stripping
Interproximal Strips
Slow Speed R/A Diamond IPR Discs
Cimpable Hooks, Eyelets, Lingual Cleats and Buttons
Zendura® Retainer Material
Essix® Retainer Material
Vacuum Forming Equipment & Accessories
Ortho-Flextech TM Dental Retention System
Ortho-Care Flat Retention Wire
Adhesives for Aligner Attachements
Reliance Perfect A Smile
Home-Care packs to suit every aligner patient
Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets
Task Clear Aligner Pliers

Ortho-Care Relief Wax


Ortho-Care Relief Wax

* Tamper sealed for your safety
* Relieves irritation from orthdontic appliances
* Includes hygienic white storage case

Click here for more information on our Ortho-Care Relief Wax

Ortho-Care Alginate


Ortho-Care Alginate

Designed and formulated specifically for Orthodontists

Developed for orthodontic use, with an extra fast set time of 45 seconds, this highly elastic alginate is dust free and has a pleasing berry scent.

Click here for more information on our Ortho-Care Alginate

Task Clear Aligner Pliers

Take a look at our new selection of Task clear aligner pliers, they are designed to make the following cuts -
Horizontal Hole
Vertical Hole
Hole Punch
& Tear Drop Hole.

Click here for more information on the Task Clear Aligner Pliers

Reliance Orthodontic Bonding Kit

Reliance Orthodontic Bonding Kit
Unsurpassed bond strength with no bracket float

Reliance have specialised in adhesives for all bonding needs across all types of appliances to any surfaces since its inception in 1981.

The Orthodontic Bond Up Kit comes with the following products for approx 18-20 patient bond-ups* :
* based on 6-6 upper & lower
1 x 9g bottle Liquid Etch
1x 2ml bottle Assure Plus all surface light cure bonding primer & enhancer
1 x 2g Syringe GoTo Light Cure Bracket Adhesive
1 x 4g Syringe GoTo Light Cure Bracket Adhesive

For more information on the Reliance Orthodontic Bonding Kit click here

Another Happy Ortho-Care Customer

We love hearing from our colleagues and customers and listening to their feedback on our products and services. This month we received some great comments from one of our customers - Gentle Dental Care that we would love to share with you

PITTS21® Self Ligating Metal Bracket

PITTS21® Self Ligating Metal Bracket -
Exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd.

Customer Review