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Introducing Ortho-Care Relief Wax

  • Tamper sealed for your safety
  • Relieves irritation from orthdontic appliances
  • Includes hygienic white storage case
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Introducing Ortho-Care Alginate

Designed and formulated specifically for Orthodontists

Developed for orthodontic use, with an extra fast set time of 45 seconds, this highly elastic alginate is dust free and has a pleasing berry scent.

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    Special Offers or great pricing on the following products:

  • SpaceFile Interproximal Red
  • StripFIX & IPR Starter kit
  • STARS - Air Rotor Stripping
  • Interproximal Strips
  • Slow Speed R/A Diamond IPR Discs
  • Cimpable Hooks, Eyelets, Lingual Cleats and Buttons
  • Zendura Retainer Material
  • Essix Retainer Material
  • Vacuum Forming Equipment & Accessories
  • Ortho-Flextech TM Dental Retention System
  • Ortho-Care Flat Retention Wire
  • Adhesives for Aligner Attachements
  • Reliance Perfect A Smile
  • Home-Care packs to suit every aligner patient
  • Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets
  • Task Clear Aligner Pliers