Titanium Niobium Archwires


JM Ortho Corporation which has been committed to making continuous innovations in the orthodontic field successfully developed the GUMMETAL world-class premium orthodntic wire, which has unique characteristics, manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship.

GUMMETAL is an entirely new titanium niobium Ti-Nb based beta titanium alloy developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs, a Toyota think tank, which displays the good properties of rubber. It is the world’s first alloy that has low Young’s modulus and high strength at the same time. These unique qualities cannot be obtained from any other conventional metallic materials. Its properties are ideal for orthodontic wire: high stored energy, good formability, low stiffness, low surface friction, large springback, bio-compatibility and environmental stability.

More flexibility
A Young’s modulus approximating 40 GPa (i.e., super-low elastic modulus) and a tensile strength of approximately 1000 MPa (i.e., super-high strength). Compared to NiTi, GUMMETAL is more flexible, and its Young’s modulus is approximately 85 GPa.

GUMMETAL is super-elastic and has a ductility approximately 10 times (2.5%) greater than that of conventional metals

True elastic deformation without hysteresis
Unlike NiTi, super-elastic deformation in GUMMETAL is true elastic deformation without hysteresis (i.e., without energy loss between loading and unloading in the stress–strain relation). Its nonlinear elastic properties are not subject to the Hook’s law

Biocompatible and Non-toxic
All constituent atomic elements of the alloy are biocompatible and non-toxic

No work-hardening
Work-hardening does not occur during the forming process. Its super-elastic properties enable cold deformation up to 99.9% or higher without compensation (super-plastic deformation).

Incomparable to other titanium wires
Compared to other titanium wires, GUMMETAL wire generates approximately half the friction between the archwire and bracket with an appropriately treated surface

Available in natural arch form, both uncoated and white archwire with rhodium plating. Rhodium plating ensures that the aesthetic appearance is retained more permanently than with the white coating of conventional wires.

Sold in a pack of 5 archwires.