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Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics

Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics

Order No: 8222-069

* Quality revision resource relevant to undergraduate curriculum, with extensive feedback to put each question in clinical context
* Fully illustrated with colour clinical photographs and x-rays to demonstrate key orthodontic problems and presentations
* Detailed coverage of common orthodontic presentations to prepare readers to treat and manage simple problems
* Useful foundation for postgraduate study of orthodontics

176 pages | Paperback
November 2014

Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics takes a problem-based approach to orthodontics, offering a unique resource for undergraduate dentists looking to consolidate their knowledge ahead of placement and exams.

This book contains a comprehensive set of questions relevant to undergraduate orthodontics curricula, including chapters on examination and diagnosis, treatment planning, pathology, appliances, and anchorage. Each chapter is packed with high-quality clinical photographs and x-rays to help readers to test their skills in identifying and describing various orthodontic problems and presentations.

Furthermore, every question is answered with extensive feedback, setting each topic in a clinical context in order to teach as well as test.

The ideal revision resource for undergraduate dentists looking to test and consolidate their knowledge ahead of placements and exams, Illustrated Questions in Orthodontics will also form a useful tool for postgraduate dentists and orthodontic therapists.

Sold individually.

Price: 27.57 (Excluding VAT at 20%)