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Polar Roth* .018'' & .022'' Brackets


POLARTM brackets are made from medical grade polyurethane, and provide a strong, compact and bulk-free bracket.
They are popular with orthodontic clinicians, as they offer good levels of clinical performance, aesthetics and
resistance to staining (although excessive exposure to hot, spicy foods and nicotine can cause some staining).
The bracket design eliminates bracket fractures and tooth abrasion common with some ceramics.

The bonding base is compound contoured for enhanced bracket/tooth adaptation and fit. The retentive undercuts of the base allieviate the need for special bracket primers - just use your existing metal bracket adhesive and technique!

Ortho-Care’s version of the MBT prescription in the following section is not claimed to be a duplication, and does not in any way imply endorsement by Drs McLaughlin, Bennett, and Trevisi. MBTTM is a trademark of the 3M Company.

* The use of the name Roth does not imply endorsement by Dr Roth.