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Purity® MBT* .022'' Crystal Sapphire Brackets


Virtually Invisible! - It’s what your patients want from an aesthetic appliance!

These new ceramic brackets are made from single crystal sapphire, which produces a virtually invisible, super smooth, rounded bracket, perfect for your patients’ aesthetic and comfort needs. For you, the clinician, supreme strength with ultra-smooth, low-friction sliding mechanics provide optimum and efficient clinical performance.

* Stain-free
* Low profile design
* Available in Roth or MBT torque prescriptions
* Sold Individually

MBT Bracket Values
MaxillaryTorque AngMandibularTorqueAng
Laterals+10°Cuspids with hook
Cuspids with hookCuspid no hook-6°
Cuspids no hook-7°1st Bicuspid-12°
1st/2nd Bicuspid-7°2nd Bicuspid-17°

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

Buy 20 Sets (400 brackets) @ £6.07 per bracket
Buy 10 Sets (200 brackets) @ £7.67 per bracket
Buy 5 Sets (100 brackets) @ £8.55 per bracket