Purity® Roth** .018'' Crystal Sapphire Brackets



'Purity is a registered trademark'

Virtually Invisible!
It’s what your patients want from an aesthetic appliance!

These aesthetic brackets are made from single crystal synthetic sapphire, which produces a virtually invisible, super smooth, rounded bracket, perfect for your patients’ aesthetic and comfort needs. Known for its supreme hardness, pure sapphire produces an orthodontic brace that has unsurpassed strength and is stain and discolouration resistant for superior clinical performance, while giving your patient that confident smile they have always wanted.

* Low friction between slot and wire
* Base designed to give high bond strength
* Available in Roth or MBT torque prescriptions

Disclaimer: *These products were previously own branded by Ortho-Care Limited and are now distributed. The Ortho-Care brand names have been retained in this catalogue so customers can identify the products they have used.

ROTH Bracket Values
Maxillary Torque Ang Mandibular Torque Ang
Centrals +12° Incisors
Laterals +8° Cuspids -11°
Cuspids -2° 11° 1st Bicuspid -17°
1st/2nd Bicuspid -7° 2nd Bicuspid -22°

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

Buy 20 Sets (400 brackets) @ £8.36 per bracket
Buy 10 Sets (200 brackets) @ £10.57 per bracket
Buy 5 Sets (100 brackets) @ £11.77 per bracket

Purity® De-bonding Pliers

ú104.82 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Purity® Consultation Model

ú238.74 (exc. VAT at 20%)