SAFEJAWZ Ortho Series is a unique solution offering protection for the upper and lower brackets in one comfortable mouthguard. Difficulties talking and breathing during sports can now be a thing of the past.

For a long time the world of sports protection had lain stagnant, lacking imagination and personality, then, in 2014, SAFEJAWZ was born. Athletes have been craving a Mouthguard that allows them to express their inner self, SAFEJAWZ provides that.

Developed in the UK, the SAFEJAWZ mouthguard is a truly revolutionary self-fit mouthguard. The SAFEJAWZ brand has a long history of making custom mouthguards for dentists and all this knowledge has been put into developing what we believe is the best fitting range of self-fit mouthguards in the World.


When you are confident in your equipment, and you are able to express yourself however you choose, half the battle is already won. Since launching, SAFEJAWZ has protected thousands of athletes around the World, from grassroots level up to World Champions and is endorsed by the IMMAF.

3D printing was used in the development stages with the aim of producing the best self-fit mouthguard for athletes with fixed brackets. The dual layer construction means a fit can be achieved that 'clicks' into place, so your patients almost forget they're wearing it. Remodel Tech TM allows the wearer to remould multiple times as and when teeth move with orthodontic treatment ensuring the best fit at all times.

The Ortho Series Bracket Mouthguard has all the impressive features of the standard SAFEJAWZ, but with special design features that enable bracket wearers to have a great fitting mouthguard PROVIDING UPPER AND LOWER PROTECTION FOR TEETH, GUMS AND LIPS ALL THROUGH TREATMENT.

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Special Design Features:

Lower Bracket Protection


Upper Bracket Channel

1 Fluid Fit TM

1 Fluid Fit TM

technology means that SAFEJAWZ mouthguards feature a super slim profile and will clip on to the teeth for a comfortable fit so that breathing and speech will not be a problem.

2 Jaw Secure TM offers a pre-contoured base which can also assist with stabilising the jaw and protecting the bottom set of teeth.

3 Remodel Tech TM allows the wearer to remodel multiple times as and when teeth move with orthodontic treatment ensuring the best fit at all times. Remodel Tech TM is a trademark exclusive to SAFEJAWZ.

Safejawz Patient Review

I bought a Safejawz mouthguard from Ortho-Care as I needed a mouthguard that would not only protect my upper braces but also my lower braces otherwise I was not allowed to continue with football and sports karate.

The Safejawz mouthguard is fantastic and moulds perfectly every time. All it takes is 30 seconds in hot water and you are good to go.

I also buy the Swirl Plus orthodontic mouth wash as well from Ortho-Care. Best mouth wash going if you wear braces like me. I have also bought Interbrace brushes and many other orthodontic oral care products from Ortho-Care.

The products and customer service are second to none.

Safejawz Patient Review from

Patient information leaflets and waiting room posters

Patient information leaflets and waiting room posters

are available free on request with any SafeJawz mouthguard purchase