Ultra S.E.P. Self-Etching Primer 6ml Bottle

105.00 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Ultra S.E.P. - First Ever Orthodontic No Mix Self Etch Primer

Reliance Ultra S.E.P. features a single liquid application - making effective tooth preparation quick, simple, and error-free.

* Effective and Efficient Tooth Prep
* Reduces Chair Time with Simplified Process
- Scrub onto enamel for 5 seconds
- Air dry
- Apply Assure Plus (optional)
- Air Dry
- Deliver Bracket and Cure
* Single Liquid Application - No Mixing
* Great for both initial bonding and emergency repair appointments
* Effective for all enamel surfaces
- Bracket and Tube Bonding
- Buildups
- Increasing band cement retention
- Attachment delivery

Sold in a 6ml bottle.