Zendura® FLX - 0.76mm (0.030") x 125 Round

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Product Description

The New Standard in Clear Aligner Materials

First Dual-Shell Material for Clear Aligners and Retainers

Zendura FLX provides your patients with both greater initial comfort as well as ongoing force retention superior to other aligner materials.*

How It Works
The secret is the elastomeric layer encased in a dual-shell construction.

  • The two thin, rigid shells grip the teeth firmly and protect the thermoformed appliance from bruxing.
  • The elastic inner layer provides consistent, continual forces... just as you prescribed.

Result: Greater patient comfort and predictable tooth forces.

Prescribed direction of tooth movement

Only Zendura FLX Can Do This
Gentle pressure produced by the unique dual-shell construction accurately moves teeth reliably over the prescribed period of time.
Highly conformed inner shell grips teeth evenly reducing discomfort and increasing accuracy of tooth alignment.

"Bay Materials' Zendura FLX aligner material appears to be light years ahead of the competition. Not only is FLX best-of-class in clarity and stain resistance - you just can't see it - but also the material's physical properties seem to be significantly more comfortable, gentle to wear, and durable. I love what I'm seeing and can't wait until it's more readily available."

Kjeld Aamodt, DDS, MS
Founder& Head Orthodontist at UniformTeeth
Director of Predoctoral Orthodontics, UCSF Medical Center

The New Benchmark for Performance and Durability
  • Superior force retention
  • Highly conformant
  • Improved elasticity
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Great patient comfort

Tear Strength & Stain Resistance*
Measuring Ability to Resist Tearing / Staining After Extended Period in Oral Cavity

*Data on file, Bay Materials, Inc.

Starts Ultra Clear, Remains Ultra Clear
Plus it's super strong and flexible.
  • Patients place a high value on inconspicuous appliances. 1,2
  • Zendura brand materials are well known for ultra clarity and stain resistance.3
  • Zendura FLX extends the performance in both initial clarity and ongoing stain resistance in use.

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1. A. Azaripour et al., BMC Oral Health 15, 69 (2015).
2. K.B. Miller et al., Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 131, 302.e301-309 (2007).
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Sold in a box containing 20 aligner sheets.

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